Expert Real-Time (Unity3D & WebGL) Developers & Artists

All of the XR Professionals team have a minimum of 7 years commercial real-time experience, so that you can be confident your project will be a success.

Work Examples

Whether your project is in Unity 3D, WebGL or an Instagram Filter our experienced team can help.


MAN Virtual Reality

MAN Mobile VR


WebGL Virtual Tradeshow

ArchViz Virtual Walkthrough

The Team

Each team member has a minimum of 5 years experience working on commercial real-time projects.

David S.

Davids passion for 3D and real-time development, along with his background in engineering brings a unique skill set to the team.

Davids natural organizational talent, social skills and deep knowledge of real-time production makes him not just a great developer but also a fantastic manager. 

Project Management 3D

Julian R.

Julian, yes that’s me the one writing this. You could say I started my love affair with real-time in late 2012. After seeing the Kickstarter for the Oculus Rift.

I packed in my career and began learning everything I could about real-time development. In 2015 I started working on initial VR prototypes and real-time applications for Volkswagen.

4 years later, with a strong network, industry knowledge and a belief that real-time technology will change how we interact with each other and the world, set out to help brands and industries leverage this powerful technology.

Unity Certified Artist™ Technical Artist Marketing

Lucas H.

Lucas started his career in both front and backend web development before working for Epsilon Risk on backend analysis and forecasting algorithms.

We are lucky that in 2015 Lucas decided to quit that nonsense and follow his passion for real-time development.

Lucas brings a calm and groundedness to the team and masters every project with the serenity of a Buddhist monk.

Unity Certified Programmer™ C# Senior Developer

Steps To Work With Us

1. Alignment

During an alignment call, we go through a series of questions and assess whether we’re a good fit for your project.

2. Deep Dive

An in-depth design sprint, where we build a detailed development plan that works as the foundation of our work together.

3. Our Promise

Your success is our success. If unsatisfied after two weeks you are under no commitment to continue and will not be charged.

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